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Avon Grove Flag Football League Volunteers,


Pennsylvania State House Bill 435, Act 153 is now in effect. The bill requires us to expand background check and clearance requirements to include ALL volunteers and others who have contact with children. The purpose of the law is to increase the level of safety in organizations working with children. Willful non-compliance can result in criminal penalties for our organization.  


Avon Grove Flag Football has hired the company National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) to complete background checks using guidelines recommended for youth organizations. Any volunteer is required to go to the NCSI web site(www.ncsisafe.com) to register for a background check. Within 10 days Avon Grove Flag Football will receive a pass/fail. Avon Grove Flag Football will pay all fees for this service.


This process must be completed by all volunteers over the age of 18. Volunteers include all coaches, referees, directors and ANYONE that will come in contact with our players. Failure to comply will result in your immediate removal of that individual’s volunteer duties.


Screening Criteria:

Any felony or misdemeanor convictions of the below charges will result in a Failure. Also, any misdemeanor convictions that have occurred while the applicant is or was on probation will result in “not eligible status” or Failure.

For the last seven years the following will include (based on national average):

Any Convictions of Violence (misdemeanor conviction or felony arrest)

  • Drug Possession Charges

  • Drug Sales/Distribution/Manufacturing

  • Weapons Violations

  • Driving While Under The Influence, Intoxicated, or While Impaired (report three year scope)


Any conviction without time table will include:

  • Child Abuse/Molestation/Child Neglect (Sex Offender)

  • Homicide/Manslaughter